How to Make Fried Rice, the Indonesian Specialty Cuisine

How to Make Fried Rice, the Indonesian Specialty Cuisine

Make Fried Rice, the Indonesian Specialty Cuisine
, In Indonesian culture, fried rice is considered as a habit that many of them do every single day. This is because the Indonesian people have the nature not to waste something. That is why many Indonesian prefer to cook their uneaten rice into fried rice. With a little bit of seasoning, the uneaten rice becomes something tasty.

Unfortunately, many people failed to cook the tasty Indonesian fried rice. The reason is because even though the ingredients and seasoning are a bit similar, the cooking style is different. For those who have the same problem, you can try to follow this simple recipe to cook the tasty Indonesian fried rice.

Ingredients to Cook Indonesian Fried Rice

Even though the ingredients seem a bit standard, cooking delicious and tasty fried rice is not easy. This is because the composition of the spices and cooking steps have an important role. Therefore, it is better if you prepare all the ingredients below to get a delicious and tasty Indonesian fried rice.

- One large plate of rice (300gram)

- 2 garlic cloves

- 1 shallot clove

- Red chilies (set to your own taste)

- 1 egg

- Cabbage (set to your own taste)

- Stewed chicken or beef (for filling)

- Leeks (set to your own taste)

- Cucumber and carrots

- Soy sauce

- Salt

- Flavor

For the ingredients, you can add some greens such as spinach or broccoli for the addition. Meanwhile, for the stewed chicken or beef, it is better if you cut it into small pieces. This way, you do not need to recook the meat again.

The Cooking Process of Indonesian Fried Rice

Looking at the ingredients, there are not many differences compared with the other kind of fried rice. That is because those are the basic ingredients in cooking fried rice. That is why here are the steps to cook the Indonesian fried rice that you need to follow.
  • The first thing that you need to do is preparing the ground spices. For the ground spice, you need to blend and grind the shallot, garlic, and the chili. You can add more chili if you want the fried rice to taste hot.
  • Once the ground spices are ready, then you can start heating the oil to make the scrambled egg. If you do not like the scrambled egg, then you can make the sunny side up.
  • Once the scrambled egg is half-cooked, you need to add the ground spices. This is meant to let egg mixed properly with the spices. After that, stir it for some moments.
  • After the pleasant aroma comes out, it is the time to put the other ingredients such as the meat and the greens. Specifically, for the cabbage, you need to put it later to make sure that the cabbage still has the crunchy texture after the fried rice is ready.
  • After some times, you can put the rice inside the pan and stir them all together. When the color of the rice turns into gold, then you can add the seasoning such as the salt, the soy sauce, and also the flavor. Do not forget to taste it and do the taste correction.
  • Once it is done, continue to cook it until the color turns into a bit brown and the Indonesian fried rice is ready to serve.

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