How to Make Chicken Curry, the Specialty Cuisine of West Sumatra Indonesia

How to Make Chicken Curry, the Specialty Cuisine of West Sumatra Indonesia

Make Chicken Curry, the Specialty Cuisine of West Sumatra Indonesia, West Sumatra is quite famous for its tasty cuisine using the coconut milk. Other than rendang, there are still some other cuisines that attracts a lot of attention. One of them is the West Sumatran chicken curry. Even though many people say that cooking the chicken curry is easier than rendang, does not mean that everyone is able to cook the delicious chicken curry. That is why in order to cook the proper West Sumatran chicken curry, you might need to prepare these ingredients below and follow the steps. These things below will help you get the perfect West Sumatran chicken curry that you love.

Ingredients to Make West Sumatran Chicken Curry

In order to have the tasty West Sumatran chicken curry, the proper ingredients are needed. That is why you need to prepare all of these ingredients below.

- Whole chicken (around 1.3 kilograms)

- 3 cm of galangal

- 5 cm of cinnamon

- 2 medium-sized coconuts (1 liter of coconut milk)

- 3 bay leaves

- 1 turmeric leaves

- 1 lemongrass stick

- Cooking oil

- 8 shallot cloves

- 4 garlic cloves

- 2 roasted candlenuts

- 10 red cayenne

- 3 cm of turmeric

- 3 cm of ginger

- Black cumin

- Pepper powder

- Salt

- Coriander powder

- Sugar

- Flavor

For the whole chicken, you need to choose the chicken around 1 to 1.3 kilograms. After that, you need to cut into eight pieces. This way, the chicken will not be too big or too small.

The Cooking Process of West Sumatran Chicken Curry

Once the ingredients are ready, you can start cooking the West Sumatran chicken curry by following these simple steps below.
  • The first thing that you need to do is to blend and grind the shallots, garlic, chilies, turmeric, candlenut and also ginger. Now, you already have the ground spices.
  • Heat the cooking oil then add the ground spices. Do not forget to add the turmeric leaves and the bay leaves. Also add the lemongrass and galangal that have been crushed beforehand and stir them all until the aroma comes out.
  • When the pleasant aroma comes out, put in the chicken that you have cut before. Continue to stir and cook the chicken until the color of the chicken changes. It means the chicken is half-cooked.
  • Add the coconut milk to give it the perfect taste of chicken curry. Once done, add the other seasonings such as salt, pepper, coriander, sugar and also flavorings. As always, do not forget to do the taste correction.
  • Use the low heat to continue the cooking process. Do not stop stirring curry because if you stop doing so, the coconut milk will be ruined. If the coconut milk is ruined, then you will not have the tasty West Sumatran chicken curry that you want.
  • After some times, the coconut oil will be lessened and the chicken is fully cooked. This is the time to stop the cooking process. The tasty West Sumatran chicken curry is ready to serve.

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