Dominican Republic has great competitive advantages that make it an ideal setting where investing means having access to the global market and favorable opportunities for trade.

Located in the center of the Americas, Dominican Republic is strategically set to access any point of the American and European continents. The country has excellent road, airport and port infrastructure, in addition to strong economic development, and a generous package of tax incentives. It is the ideal place in the Caribbean region, to conduct business, and develop investment, banking on commerce in international markets with the assurance of success in all endeavors.

For the past two decades, the country has been experiencing a profound economic transformation and has developed a new business environment that pulls many of the country´s resources and their competitive advantages. The latter, resulting in great political and macroeconomic stability, excellent telecommunications infrastructure, presence of a safe and highly developed financial system, presence of attractive fiscal and financial incentives, and safe operation environment in Free Zones. Furthermore, excellent training programs to improve skills and increase labor productivity, and above all an excellent and strategic geographical position.

Dominican Republic offers great investment opportunities at all levels: from a beach bar to a fivestar hotel, from a small food factory to a footwear manufacturing company, from a mechanical workshop to an innovative company in the renewable energy sector.

The country has a strong and established financial sector and a well-organized business community, with CONEP as its highest representative. This provides newcomers the necessary network to quickly jump into the industry and trade. Another advantage of doing business in the country is the availability of abundant labor force that includes both technical and highly qualified personnel.

The working population is mostly young and talented, with a large number of bilingual workers available. And if that were not enough, the country has a domestic market for more than 10 million people.


Historically, this Caribbean nation has had a great vocation for trade with friendly nations. Initially, its economy was mainly based on the sole cultivation of sugarcane, whose finished product was destined to international markets. Nevertheless, with the diversification of production, the country has successfully ventured in non-traditional production models, along with the traditional sugar production.

In Dominican Republic there is excellent land for growing fruit and vegetables. The agribusiness sector offers great advantages due to the consumption of the growing local market and the over five million tourists visiting the country each year.

Traditional agriculture includes the production of sugar cane, coffee, cocoa and tobacco. The main non-traditional export products include fruits such as bananas, avocados, pineapples and melons. This is in addition to the industrial production that is gaining strength and becoming internationally known with the export of textiles, mining products, footwear and more.

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