Here's A List Of Insurance Companies That Are Good And Easy To Solve Claims Problems

Here's A List Of Insurance Companies That Are Good And Easy To Solve Claims Problems

Prudential Financial life insurance

Prudential Financial life insurance

It is an American company that provides services both to common people as public and private companies. It has subsidiaries in more than 30 countries; its main clients are in America, Asia and Europe

Why is it important to consider hiring life insurance?

If we stop a minute to think about what this means, we will soon realize that all persons should consider the possibility of purchasing life insurance, since although we do not have descent, there are people who depend directly or indirectly from us.

For example, if you die suddenly and your wife is only dedicated in household activities, her economic situation will change immediately. Fortunately, having a proper policy can become a tool that allows you to maintain your family living the standard that they had been living until then.

Now, if we analyze the perspective from the point of view of the children at the instant they lose their parents due to an accident, generally only we focus on the emotional aspect. However, what happens with other equally important things such as education?

Many infants whose parents never hired a life insurance suffer terrible consequences, such as not being able to continue with their education.

On the other hand, let´s see now the professional aspect. When we started our working life, the salary we receive is not always as expected. However, as time passes, we are specializing more and therefore obtain major income. Prudential Financial realizes this situation and therefore has created a plan that properly fits your financial pace. In addition, the premium money can be used as complement to your pension at the moment in which you choose to retire.

If you are an entrepreneur and you want to start a business on your own, it is essential to choose an option that protects your workers in case you died. In this case, the beneficiary is an employee, a relative or a close friend who, in turn, be responsible for continuing your legacy.

How many types of insurance offer Prudential Financial?

Term Life Insurance

It is the most widely used and at the same time lowers cost. The duration of the policy will depend on the contract and the client’s needs. For example, a family mother can determine within 21 years of duration with this their children will be protected until they reach the adulthood.

Permanent Life Insurance

The main advantage of this section is that it can be used in conjunction with the previous, without any inconvenience. With this, you will have the possibility to pay medical bills, funeral costs or your mortgage. Similarly, if a member of your family has a disability and depends on you, the insurer will take care to continue paying both the medicines and the treatments.

Finally, commented you that the capital you will keep on your policy, by means of the premium payments can be used like “cash” to purchase a property or a car.

We hope that this information will be useful.

ING Life Insurance

ING Life Insurance

The ING Insurance Company is a company of Dutch origin. Among its main business include matters directly relating to bank capital investment and long- term investment.

For those who do not know, his full name is Internationale Nederlanden Groep and its logo refers to the origins of the signature directly in the Netherlands. It currently has a presence in more than 45 countries and provides service to approximately 85 million people around the world.

Basic life insurance

This type of life insurance is the most simple and therefore more economical that this company can offer. Among its many benefits is to grant a financial compensation in case of death. The amount paid will depend on the number of years of antiquity that you own the policy contract. The good thing is that this money can be used to remedy various debts generated by a premature death. For example, costs of the funeral, tuition costs, including mortgage payments.

Another category of life insurance has become extremely popular in recent years. Of course we are referring to the model that takes as a basis to pay a certain premium number, until it covers the whole of the contract policy. In the event that the person will survive to this period of time, the money paid will be automatically refunded.

However and as always we recommend that before hiring a particular plan evaluate carefully what you need. If the mortgage on your home is something expensive it´s better to hire an insurance with a wide coverage. To determine the amount of money that you need, do the following, multiply your annual salary 10 times. This will give you, a clear idea of your major requirements may be.

On the other hand, if you are young and newly married the most suitable thing will be to think about a plan which insurance policy is equivalent to your yearly salary multiplied by four.

Universal life insurance

Thinking about your comfort and wellbeing, the ING Group has created this modality. With it in addition to protecting your own, you can complement your pension at the time of retirement, or even if you prefer to leave a certain amount of money to your children as if it were an inheritance. An additional advantage is that you can advance payments whenever you want to.

Almost forgot to mention that with this model also has the possibility to withdraw money in cash to pay unexpected expenses.

Survivorship Universal Life Insurance

This type of life insurance is ideal for couples who want to protect their children’s future. In a single policy, both spouses are insured.

This works in the following manner, if the person that appears in second place dies, all funeral expenses are covered.

Variable Universal Life Insurance

It’s an attractive policy and which combines two very innovative concepts. Traditional protection on one hand, while on the other the opportunity to invest in certified options, in order to generate a greater long term capital. However, it is convenient to tell that there is always the risk of economic loss, when financial instruments are used.

Geico Motorcycle Insurance

Geico Motorcycle Insurance

Geico is a U.S  insurance company founded in 1936 with the aim of offering a car insurance plan for government employees without there being any intermediary.

As might be expected, the headquarters of this company were located in Washington D.C ., because in that place there is a greater concentration of government employees. Not until 1974 when Geico began to insure  people outside  politics, with this it became the fifth most important company in its field.

One of its fundamental policies consists in solving the problems of the customer in a direct way, either by phone or on line. In this way, the communication between the different areas is much more optimized and at the same time a lot of money in operational costs is saved.

If you still do not have a motorcycle insurance, but it is thinking about hiring one we ask that you  please keep on reading this information because it will certainly interest you. No matter if it is a sports or conventional model, with Geico you will have the possibility of obtaining a cheap insurance to an excellent price. Not only that, the insurance policy that this company offers you can cover vehicles as small as a scooter.

Some of the most important benefits that you obtain when hiring a plan with this insurer are the following:

- Customer service when he needs it, i.e. 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

- Flexible rates and multiple ways to payment.

Besides insuring your motorcycle with Geico you have the possibility to get into several promotions that can make the insurance premium you have to pay decreases drastically. For example, people who can prove they have enough experience in motorcycle riding  receive a discount.

Just talking about discounts, we can comment you will recive a 10 % less  automatically if you transfer f your  current insurance account to Geico.  Plus 10 % less discount if you insure more than one. 20 % except if you teach driving lessons and finally  5 % if you hire a car insurance .

The modalities of payment that you can choose are the following:

- Monthly if  the total of your policy is more than $1000. This  feature is available in the entire United States, except in the states of South Carolina and Florida.

- Bimonthly when the total of your plan is more than  $100. In the first installment you pay  25 % of the total, while in the five following payments  counts down only 15 % .

- Four-month payment. In this instance the customer is obliged to pay 25 % of the total and each time will be the same until your debt is settled.

Payment by debit or credit card. All you have to do is log in inside the portal and click in the option Pay by Card. At that time you will be request that  write the data of your account.

- Electronic transfer. When using this option, you will be sure that your money is deducted just at that moment. Generally the tax that charges to carry out this step does not exceed a dollar.

Do not hesitate  and hire a motorcycle insurance.

Titan Insurance

Titan Insurance

Titan Insurance is one of the most important companies in respect to car insurance. It was created in the year of 1991 in the city of Michigan in the United States.

Now, let’s begin with the information. In the first place we will talk about Liability Insurance. It does not matter if you are a responsible and careful driver, accidents can happen at any time. The trouble is that although the damage seems superficial, you end up paying thousands of dollars in repairs.

As you know this  kind of car insurance protects you in two basic categories: Bodily injuries to third parties and property damage. This means that if people need to be transferred to a hospital to receive medical attention, therefore  the cost of the transfer as well as  the treatment they will run on behalf of the insurance company.

Besides, the issues that have to do with property damage, will be regulated according to the legislation of each state. However, an element that always it is considered is the brand and the model of the affected vehicle when making a quote.

If you do not  have enough money, but you want to protect your car, do not doubt it and visit the nearest office of Titan Insurance, since they manage excellent plans and discounts, which without a doubt will seem very attractive to you. In order that you have an idea of what we are saying, is enough to tell you that there are options in which only you have to pay the equivalent to a dollar a day .

Another tool that definitely is convenient for you is getting  the Collision Coverage. This kind of  insurance comes into action when you crash your vehicle not necessarily against another motorist . In such a case, Titan Insurance is responsible to cover up the total cost of the repairs except a little deductible.

It bears mentioning that the percentage of the deductible stipulates itself clearly inside the contract. For such reason, it is important before signing it  to analyze how much money is willing to pay of repairs. Besides it is convenient to note that the lower the deductible is,the monthly payment  to the insurer will be higher.

Perhaps many people think that hiring a car insurance is not really necessary, because  the vehicles of today are manufactured to the security  parameters . Nevertheless, every day they keep on happening road accidents. The coverage of medical expenses that Titan Insurance offers help you to get rid of that debt no matter if you were guilty or no in the car accident. One more benefit of this plan is that all companions who are injured are automatically protected.

The best of everything is that you have  the possibility of choose several alternatives that t allow you to form a model of insure that adapts to your requests. He can make your payments through credit cards or checking account.

Titan Insurance is committed to offering its customers added value in all the products that they purchase. In 2010 this company obtained  the qualification of excellent by  A.M. Best Co.

Liberty Mutual Home insurance

Liberty Mutual Home insurance

With the hiring of a home insurance  Liberty Mutual you protect your house against different elements such like the fire, robberies, damages caused by electric storms and hailstone, freezing of the heating system etcetera.

We know that your possessions are a very important part of your daily life, for that reason in Liberty Mutual they get worried because of your furniture, clothing, and other possessions are covered by the insurance policy in case of a damage. Sometimes the aforementioned possessions are replaced by other ones of the same value, while in other occasions what is done is giving it to the customer an economic compensation.

In the supposed case that your home is protected with the system of full coverage and had happened a serious eventuality like a fire or a collapse and therefore your property consider itself like total loss. Liberty Mutual’s specialists will take care of looking for a similar place like where you inhabited, with the aim of your life continues as normal as  possible.

Precisely for the people that are looking for a bigger protection, this insurance company counts with the model Home Protector Plus. The executives of this company are conscious that each home consists of different elements, that’s why he offers different alternatives that adapt themselves in an ideal way of the requests and needs of you and of your family.

Among the benefits that you can enjoy, the insurance against special repairs stands out. On the other hand, if your belongings prove to be affected during a disaster, the total cost of these taking like base the depreciation that they had suffered in the course of the years will be refunded.

You will have to pay the amount of money that had been  stipulated in your policy monthly. For your tranquility, we comment you that these payments become unvarying during 365 days, with no matter the  inflation you will pay always the same.

In the same way, you can carry on your payment through  the conventional mail, with credit card, for Internet or else with a bank deposit.

One of the things that more bothers the insured customers is that the schedules of attention of most of the companies are too short. That does not fortunately happen with Liberty Mutual, since the schedule of attention from Monday to Saturday is from 7 A.M. to 11 P.M. and on Sundays is from 9 A.M. to 7 P.M.

On the other hand, does no matter what time it is, if your house suffers major  structural damage you can call 24 hours a day at the service of emergency repairs. There a professional will tell you which ones they are steps to follow and inclusively he can evaluate the situation in a personal way.

How can I obtain bigger discounts?

The goal which purses Liberty Mutual through their home insurance programs is to ensure customers a high quality service at a reasonable price. However, if you install smoke detectors, burglar alarms, special locks etcetera will get an additional discount.

Another way to save money it is to keep track without accidents for a minimum period of three years. There will also be entitled to a bonus if your home has a life of less than 13 years or if the structure has been revamped over the year.

For more information please contact your nearest authorized  distributor.

Home insurance

Home insurance

Most people know this insurance kind under the name of homeowner’s insurance. The purpose of this, such as well as you can imagine it consists in provide protection to the customer in damage that can suffer his heritage.

In a single policy they can include several types of items, like for instance: The structural damages that can suffer a home because of some earthquake or fire, loss of certain goods that are in the house, robbery etc.

In order to hire a home insurance it is necessary that at least one the owners of the house, live in it, but if not, the request is refused almost immediately by the insurance company.

In the same way, the criteria that they are considered to determine the real value  that  a home insurance would have  vary greatly from case to case. However, what definitely represents a reliable indicator for the companies is calculating which one  would be the price that they would have to pay in the event the house was a total loss.

These contracts usually sign themselves in the long term, since the installments of the monthly payments can become a little bit lofty. Before closing down the deal, the customer has to make a revision thoroughly like the benefits and the fines for non-fulfillment find themselves properly expressed in the document. Just the same, it is strongly recommended to check the list of things  that are insured and which are not.

One thing that not everyone knows is that almost no insurance company covers the following eventualities: flooding caused for intense storms or hurricanes, explosion of  a bomb, the presence of termites among other things.

Also it is pertinent to point out that the payment that the insurance makes to the customer when his heritage damaged, it corresponds to the calculation of the inflation rate that is operating at that moment.

An aspect that  we have not talked  is than the houses that are they locate inside a zone of low risk, logically assigned a much lower rate. This can happen for instance if your residence is close to a fire station or  if  its infrastructure has a system of smoke detectors and artificial precipitation.

Besides, in United States the people that need a mortgage loan, should present to the bank a document that verifies that their property is insured in order that they are given the money.

It is a good time to pause and so to explain  the origin of the first home insurances  within the United StatesAccording to the historical records it is known that it was in the year of 1950 when this tool of protection against damages was used for the first time.

Before that period, there were several different criteria of evaluation, with what it was becoming impossible knowing for sure the causes that they should have covered up with this service. It was not but even two decades later when in 1971 the Insurance Services Office created an instructions manual simplified that it allowed knowing and understanding all relevant  issues in an easy and simple way. Today some of these standards continue being used.

WellPoint Health Insurance

WellPoint Health Insurance

WellPoint is a health insurance company founded in the city of Indianapolis, United States in the year 2004. Since then his staff  have planned to meet  a goal . “Trying that the health of all his customers gets better as well as its quality of life”.

It’s various plans are designed to provide all the tools necessary in order that the insured can have a full and undoubtedly healthy life. Besides the above WellPoint pays special attention on all those conditions that are of chronic character.

Some of the most important programs which this company has started in recent years are the following:


This brand of the company is dedicated to giving solution to the problems afflicting mainly to the elderly. Let’s remember that the elderly people have already worked a lot of years of their life and they do not wish to pass through annoying bureaucratic procedures to be able to get a high-quality health service. Therefore, communication here is much simpler than in other traditional institutions. In the same way they have several plans that aim to prevent that simple ailments become a serious and expensive disease.

Another thing to bring out is the implementation of the so-called Neighborhood Care Centers, in which it has a specialized staff in various areas of medicine. Like for example doctors, nutritionists, psychologists etc. In that way, the elderly have the certainty that will receive the care that they deserve, granting them an important and high-quality attention.

The numbers speak and at the same time they endorse the efficiency of this plan. According to researches that have carried throughout the North American territory, has been able to confirm that the rate of amputations has decreased to a 60 % regarding the model of traditional health. In the same way, the cases of kidney failure treated with CareMore have had to a 40 % more of success.

Many of the insurance companies, charge their customers a special allowance for the number of visits to the doctor that they have in a month, quarter or semester. However, in WellPoint it is considered that what’s primordial should not be that, but the positive results that are obtained.

This program is called Patient Centered Medical Home and gets about to promote a better attention to the patient, rewarding the doctor with diverse incentives of economical type. For instance, is reimbursed the extra time devoted to the patients that have a chronic ailment, it can be cancer or diabetes.

This concept has changed completely the way of offering medical attention in doctor’s offices and country-wide hospitals, causing with it the fact that they catch up with some really spectacular standards of efficiency. For example, it is incentivized to that health centers modernize their equipment and technological procedures for the sake of guaranteeing shorter timeouts while much more efficiency is offer.

Finally, we cannot ignore the human aspect and it is that the medical staff receives additional financial remuneration, the public recognition and the gratitude of their patients by providing the benefits of health insurance as it should be.

Health insurance

Health insurance

As its name implies, health insurance, refers to a policy that can be hired in order to avoid having exorbitant medical expenses. Often both small and large corporations sign agreements with the insurance companies with the purpose of offering a protective plan for their employees.

These agreements can be renewed in settled periods of time, which can range from a year, two years, five years etcetera. Usually developed countries have a highly efficient public health, letting that the people access to doctors and medications of quality practically without cost.

On the other hand, a subject that should become clearly clarified is that health insurances only cover up the total costs of the diseases that are stipulated inside her catalog or booklet. In other words, if the patient has some disease that is outside the plan, the insurance will be offered medical attendance, but the patient will have to take responsibility for settling the costs generated by all of the treatment.

There are different modes in the case of health insurances, for instance: There are those that are referred to as Premium. These are different from the rest, because the customer accomplishes a payment directly to the insurance firm to receive the health benefits according to the contract.

In other cases, we found as those known as deductibles are that the insured has to pay for medical care or drug until he has finished paying his dues to the insurance company. Since the date of last payment, the insurance firm has the obligation to reimburse a certain amount of money to its customer.

Another modality very used nowadays is the Co-insurance and works in the following way. For instance, let’s suppose that a patient should be subjected to a complex surgical procedure and therefore he has to pay a percentage of the surgery. As a general rule, the customer does not fail to pay more than 20 % (except on special occasions).

Special mention deserves those health insurances that offer insurance coverage for life. Although what often insurance companies do make is assigned a maximum dollar amount to the customer. For instance, a person can spend to $10,000 in three years for medical expenses. If it exceeds that amount, the person will be forced to pay the difference.

We almost forget to mention another model of health insurance, is known as Out of pocket. This is for the patient to pay all expenses that his economic status allows paying, at the moment he cannot continue paying his medical bills the insurance company takes care of the subject.

Finally we recommend you than before making the decision to hire a service of this type, seek advice with professional people. Also it is very important that so as the company where you work as the insurance company explain you very clearly which are the benefits in the plan of health that they are offering you.

StateFarm car insurance

StateFarm car insurance

StateFarm is an insurance company of North American origin with over 90 years on the market. Due to its process of expansion, nowadays also it has presence in Canadian territory.

We are convinced that at least once you have heard this story: “A driver is about to get out of the shopping center and for promptness he does not realize that behind him it is another car. What follows is very easy to imagine, an impact takes place and afterwards an accident”.

If the aforementioned driver does not find himself insured, he is at risk of being sued aside from having to pay all the repairs and medical expenses generated by this mishap. Choosing a car insurance that offers you more benefits that the ones that you consider yourself to need is a magnificent option, since such way will be covered against every eventuality that shows up.

StateFarm covers up all medical expenses and inclusively costs of the funeral service if some decease came to happen. In fact, your car insurance protects it against collisions with other vehicles not insured, against objects (fences, posts, fire hydrants) or if your vehicle has any rollover.

We know that it is very complicated to choose the most convenient insurance premium, because sometimes the costs of a full coverage are very elevated for most people. For that reason, before hiring any type of policy get information only with specialized staff, because they are the only that can guide it on the way to take that decision.

Talking precisely about full coverage, it is convenient to mention that this can help to somebody recover great part of the value of its vehicle when he suffers a damage caused by elements of nature. For instance: Flooding, breaking of windows because of a strong wind, provoked dents for hail between many other ones.

But what happens if I collide violently against the car of a person that is not insured?

First of all what more StateFarm’s specialists worries about is safety and the well-being of every one of its customers. For that reason they have decided to implement the Coverage of non-insured automobile.

This has for objective paying for all the medical expenses generated by the accident, in case the customer had been not to blame for the collision. That means a great relief, because we know that many people unfortunately drive their cars without an appropriate insurance.

What happens if I have an accident while I am on vacation?

You have absolutely nothing to get worried, if you count on StateFarm’s full coverage, your car is towed to the closer vehicle repair shop. While they repair it, you can rent out another vehicle in order that you can keep on enjoying your vacations*

* Service available in the United States.

What happens if I was stranded in the middle of a road?

This situation is much more common of what it seems. The closer service station finds to about 15 km approximately and for the moment the car battery runs out of power. The car insurance StateFarm will immediately reimburse it for the expenses of road help, towing and repair.

For more information, we invite you to go to the closer subsidiary.

Car insurance

Car insurance

Driving is an activity than by itself it supposes a great responsibility on the part of those who made. For that reason the insurance companies have created what is known as car insurance.

The driver should first of all be aware that if he suffers a car accident and his car is not insured, the fault of the incident will fall upon you even if you do not have any relation whatsoever. In other words, the uninsured person will be forced to cover all the damages. The trouble is that most people does not have money to accomplish that type of payments in a single exhibition.

For those that do not know it, the car insurance can define itself perfectly like: A contract established between the insured and the insurance company, in which the first one commits itself to accomplish  a series of payments until  cover  the predetermined amount of the insurance premium . In turn, the aforementioned insurance premium exempts you to pay in a personal way property damage or physical injuries.

The cost of the insurance premium is setting taking into consideration several relevant aspects, such as: The civil status of somebody who is assured, his kind, his age, the place where he keeps his vehicle, his  record of infractions, the mark, the model, etc. Inclusively some companies take like criterion the number of kilometers that goes over a conductor during a year without having an accident.

In general, those people that count on a record of deficient driving, have bigger odds of getting involved in a car accident. When the insurance company detects any one of these situations, what he makes is assigning to the driver a lot more expensive insurance premium than normal.

Right after this step it proceeds to add to this amount, the sum to be paid by the driver for taxes. The insurance car policies can be bimonthly, trimestral or yearly, this is going to depend on the conditions that had been signed inside the contract. An important thing to point is that if the company decides to increase the cost of the monthly payments, it will have to warn the customer for at least 60 days before the increase takes effect. This is done with the object that the customer has time to decide whether to continue with this insurance policy or prefers to cancel it definitively.

In the same way, insured companies use different techniques of marketing to get a bigger number of customers. For instance, if you come out to be a cautious driver, it’s probable that you obtain attractive discounts.

Another way of saving it can be hiring policies for several cars. Also we remember that a car insurance  not only protects you against accidents, but you find yourself completely insured in case your car has stolen, have been a victim of a fire or any piece had been subtracted.

At last, take into account that in the contract it can be specified who the beneficiary of your policy is. For example, can be your wife, a friend, a neighbor etc. Before signing any document read it carefully, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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